Customer Service Management for Healthcare

Provide patient care and communication effortlessly with Xima.

Your patients turn to you as a trusted source for care, expertise, and treatment. And their expectations? They’re high. Patients need care that keeps them informed and gives them the access they need around their already busy schedules.

Personalize Patient Experiences

Personalize communication for your patients to improve the quality of care. When your patients know that they are being heard, they are more likely to be engaged in their care and follow through with treatment options.

Leverage tools like flexible call routing and give your staff the tools to quickly identify a patient’s unique medical history, and make personalized recommendations.

Crucial Information at Your Fingertips

Mitigate the risk of medical errors by helping your staff recommend treatments and medications tailored to individual patient’s needs and preferences.

Unifying your platforms offers a streamlined, efficient, and effective communication experience. Features like IVR can quickly answer routine questions or resolve simple issues for your patients.

Continuous Improvement and Efficiency

Feedback is a crucial tool for improving performance and efficiency. By monitoring and recording calls, chat sessions, and other patient interactions, you can identify areas where staff need additional training, support, and opportunities for process improvements.

Patients can be assured they’re getting the best experience from a trained staff member.

Features Healthcare Teams Need

Meeting your patients where they prefer to communicate creates a better experience for patients and workers.


Your most personal point of contact is crucial. Make sure it’s the right connection the first time, every time.


Book appointments, answer patient questions, and more with real-time web chat.


Advanced email features and personalization to improve the patient experience.


Automate, interact and schedule messages for your patients all in one platform.

Patient Data, Secured

Peace of Mind and Security

Protect patient confidentiality, maintain data integrity, prevent unauthorized access, and comply with regulations by leveraging the security and scalability of a cloud solution.

Build trust with patients by demonstrating your commitment to protecting their privacy and well-being.

Advanced Features at a Fraction the Cost

Help your healthcare professionals focus on helping patients with needs that fit their specific skills, and expertise.

Skills-based Routing

Help your healthcare professionals focus on helping patients with needs that fit their specific skills, and expertise.

Speech Analytics

Understand patient insights, identify trends in behavior, and proactively address common issues to deliver a better experience.

Queue Callback

Reduce hold times and disconnects during high call times without overwhelming your healthcare professionals.

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