Maximize Productivity

Ease-of-Use Improves Efficiency

Our agent interface is designed specifically to help agents work easier. Agents can easily manage multiple channels, including voice, email, and chat, all from a single window.

Xima provides real-time guidance and support, helping employees quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries. Automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows frees up agents to focus on building meaningful connections with customers.

A One-Stop-Shop
for Your Day

Our Contact Center Agent Client (CCaC) is the ultimate solution for agents who need to streamline their work and maximize their productivity. With our intuitive interface, agents can manage all their channels, including voice, email, and chat, all in a single window.

Employees can quickly and easily navigate between channels, check their status, and respond to inquiries, all while keeping a clear overview of their workload.

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Features for Agents

Xima makes agent workloads easier to manage and provides enterprise grade features at a fraction of the cost.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Increase first call resolution and reduce the overall amount of calls coming to agents, allowing for more time with each customer.

Skills-based Routing

Contact Centers can handle high call volumes easier without overwhelming their team. 

Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave displays all the previous agent interactions in a single window, so all agents have the full context around the customer’s journey.

A Better Supervisor Experience

Supervisors get the actionable insights they need with Xima.

Operations Made Easy

Features that help Operations make better decisions.

Customer Success
Is Our Focus

How will using a cloud contact center improve customer engagement and agent productivity on a company-wide level? You can see for yourself by checking out a few of our biggest success stories.

Our cloud solutions have helped people around the globe improve their businesses. We can help yours, too, with the power of cloud contact center software.

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Customer Success

Fairfax Pediatric Customer Success Story

“With Xima it’s nice because we can see the number of answered calls per user, we can see how even it is between all the users. And then we can see which phones are currently in use and which are ready.” – IT Manager

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Customer Success

Sansio Customer Success Story

“I liked Xima because the user interface was easy to understand, I could do a lot of the things myself administratively, and pretty much every need I had, you guys checked all the boxes.” – Senior Support Manager

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