Maximize the Returns of Your Customer Service Experiences

Streamline employee productivity, and spend more time improving the customer experience at every touchpoint. Designed specifically for organizations that need premium features at an affordable price, Xima’s cloud platform gives you all the tools you’ll need today and in the future.

Partner with Xima at every step of your customer journey. With real-time insights, AI powered analytics, and professional services to make your set up a breeze, it’s no wonder why so many organizations choose Xima’s cloud platform.

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for Unified Communications

Eliminate the need for expensive hardware, software, and maintenance. Xima’s cloud platform can manage all of your mission critical functions from one unified system.

By leveraging Xima’s highly scalable solution you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have the flexibility to be there when your customers need you. Give your teams the productivity tools they need to communicate and collaborate and deliver a first-class experience.

Features to help you reach your
strategic goals.

Xima has the features that your teams will actually use and none they won’t. Give productivity, efficiency and ROI a boost.

Speech Analytics

Organize, analyze and recognize where to make improvements. By recognizing key phrases and words, Xima can streamline interactions quicker.

Skills-based Routing

Manage peak times with the ease you manage any other time of day. Skill-based routing helps keep your customers flowing even during those busy times.


Gain insights into every step of the customer journey. Cradle to Grave displays all the previous agent interactions in a single window so your team always has all the info.

A Better Supervisor Experience

Supervisors get the actionable insights they need with Xima.

Made Easy

Features that help Operations make better decisions.

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How do you demonstrate ROI in your contact center?

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The article explores how contact center managers can effectively demonstrate the value of their operations beyond mere cost centers. It highlights key strategies such as tracking metrics, aligning with business objectives, and leveraging technology to showcase tangible ROI, ultimately empowering contact centers to be seen as strategic assets within organizations.

Customer Success
Is Our Focus

How will using a cloud contact center improve customer engagement and agent productivity on a company-wide level? You can see for yourself by checking out a few of our biggest success stories.

Our cloud solutions have helped people around the globe improve their businesses. We can help yours, too, with the power of cloud contact center software.

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Customer Success

Fairfax Pediatric Customer Success Story

“With Xima it’s nice because we can see the number of answered calls per user, we can see how even it is between all the users. And then we can see which phones are currently in use and which are ready.” – IT Manager

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Customer Success

Sansio Customer Success Story

“I liked Xima because the user interface was easy to understand, I could do a lot of the things myself administratively, and pretty much every need I had, you guys checked all the boxes.” – Senior Support Manager

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