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Every customer interaction is crucial to building relationships and improving their experience. Xima’s Cloud Contact Center is a user-friendly solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses that enables employees to delight customers while providing deep, insightful data to improve your company.

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Faster answers for your customers.

All your tools in one place.

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Simplify Agent

Automate routine tasks, simplify your workflows, and create new efficiencies with all your tools and communication channels in a single pane of glass.

Hassle-Free Customer Experiences

Create a simple path for customers to get the answers they need quickly. Spend more time helping your customers and less time managing your tech.


Take control of your data to help maximize productivity. Improve employee scheduling and identify customer trends with industry-leading standard or custom insight reports.

Our Customers Drive Features

Multi-channel contact center, Xima.

Meet your customers where they are.

Our multi-channel support system enables your agents to adapt to the diverse communication preferences of your customers, ensuring a personalized and efficient interaction every time. No longer limited to one channel, your contact center becomes a dynamic hub of connectivity, fostering stronger connections and lasting customer relationships.

Manage Teams Easier, and Faster.

Our Workforce Management software allows you to easily manage labor costs and resources, optimize schedules, and track performance. By utilizing proprietary tools to evaluate historical service data, agent availability, anticipated volume, and required service level targets, you can accurately forecast future volumes and determine the appropriate staffing levels necessary to meet customer service goals.

All of your data in one place.

We seamlessly connect to over 300 different CRMs. With features like activity logging, address book search, and screen pops, you will improve employee efficiency, eliminate errors and manual processes, and ensure accurate customer data.

Simplified Data. Actionable Insights.

Our powerful reports provide you with insightful data to identify customer trends. 

What days and times do customers contact you the most? Do your customers prefer calls, chats, emails, or SMS? How long, on average, do they wait on hold before dropping? What is the average time to resolution? Analyzing this data will help you modify the customer journey and staffing for success.

Don't take it from us.

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Fairfax Pediatric Customer Success Story

“With Xima it’s nice because we can see the number of answered calls per user, we can see how even it is between all the users. And then we can see which phones are currently in use and which are ready.” – IT Manager

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Sansio Customer Success Story

“I liked Xima because the user interface was easy to understand, I could do a lot of the things myself administratively, and pretty much every need I had, you guys checked all the boxes.” – Senior Support Manager

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AI Built to Boost Contact Center Efficiency

At Xima, we’re proud to offer software solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence to help you save time and streamline operations. Our AI features automate key tasks like call prioritization, scheduling, and coaching, and leverage vast data sets to enhance efficiency.

Our software’s AI capabilities include automated recording, scheduled reports, skills-based routing, queue callback, sentiment analysis, and customizable supervisor wallboards. These features enable your team to focus on helping customers, keeping up with demand, and managing costs. With our AI integration, you can optimize your workflows and improve productivity without requiring complex configurations.

Enterprise Level Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

Your customers deserve the best, but providing a first class customer experience shouldn’t break the bank. Xima offers some of the best pricing in the industry–without sacrificing any of the features organizations need.

We believe in maximum efficiency, and that goes for our pricing as well. With Xima, you’ll only pay for what you use, since our pricing is based on the number of concurrent seats; only pay for what you use. And you won’t ever see any toll charges or additional fees

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