Boost Customer Experiences With Multi-channel Contact Center Software

Each customer touch point is crucial in building the customer relationship create a better customer experience while boosting agent productivity with a multi-channel contact center solution that actually works.

Xima’s Cloud Contact Center is a fully customizable and easy-to-use solution for multi-channel contact centers. Record transformational customer data while creating an overall better experience for everyone who calls your customer support line.

Xima Software call center management helps improve the customer experience

Spend your Time Where it Matters Most

We know you want to give the best customer experience possible, but it’s not always as easy as setting up a phone number and calling it a day. Xima’s easy-to-use interface ensures your employees and managers can spend their time where you want them to – taking care of your customers. 

Xima is specially designed for multi-channel cloud contact centers. Boost agent productivity and customer retention with cloud based contact center software that narrows your multichannel set-up into a single window for your agents. Manage customer interactions across multiple channels all in just one place, along with being able to provide more detailed reporting with our easy method of tagging account codes.

Enterprise Level Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

Your customers deserve the best, but providing a first class customer experience shouldn’t break the bank. Xima offers some of the best pricing in the industry–without sacrificing any of the features organizations need.

We believe in maximum efficiency, and that goes for our pricing as well. With Xima, you’ll only pay for what you use, since our pricing is based on the number of concurrent seats; only pay for what you use. And you won’t ever see any toll charges or additional fees

What People Have To Say

Xima provided us the ability to not only monitor calls but also to run different custom reports. Running reports, displaying and sending those reports in different formats from within the solution itself is remarkable.

World Class Features

With features that outperform competitors, Xima ensures unmatched performance and tailored solutions for your multi-channel contact center needs. When you sign up with Xima,Get features that allow you to elevate your business, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences.

Skills-based Routing

Skills-based Routing

Don’t play “pass the call” anymore. Ensure your calls are routed to the best available agent with multiple intelligent algorithms.


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Queue Callback

Queue Callback

Put an end to hold music. Instead of putting your customers on hold, place them in a virtual queue and give them the option to receive a callback.


Learn More About Queue Callback >

Realtime Wallboards

Realtime Wallboards


Report on your agents, queues, and KPIs in real time. Quickly and efficiently monitor call activity and agent statuses to ensure your call center’s at its most efficient.


Learn More About Realtime Wallboards >

Historical Reporting

Historical Reporting

Get data like never before with a full suite of custom reports that provide unrivaled insight into customer interactions.


Learn More About Historical Reporting >

Web Chat

Web Chat


Allow customers to interact in real time with live agents on your website. Customize your chats to route based on your employee's skill level and customer questions.


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The Benefits Of Multi-channel Contact Centers

With a multi-channel cloud contact center, you’re able to engage with your customers seamlessly on multiple channels, allowing for a smoother customer journey. By using a live chat with a multi-channel strategy, your agents are able to collect customer data without sacrificing time or ease.

You can take those benefits a step further with Xima. In addition to truly seamless customer experiences, Xima’s multi-channel contact center software will elevate your customer service to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Xima has answers. Check out the FAQs below.

A multi-channel cloud contact center is a specially designed customer service function that allows agents to interact with customers in real time through a variety of channels, including phone, chat, email, text (SMS), mobile apps, and social media. It uses cloud-based contact center software to manage these customer interactions, making it easier for agents to manage it.

A multichannel contact center manages multiple communication channels in a business, including email, phone, webchat, or social media platforms. However, these channels are dealt with individually instead of all being linked together. Meanwhile, an omnichannel contact center links together all integrated communication channels.

With a multi-channel contact center,  all agents can access the same data, avoiding the need to transfer calls or wait for a certain agent to be available along with keeping the transition between channels stable. That means customers can communicate with your business through whichever channel they prefer without losing any time.

There are a few essential aspects you should look for in your multi-channel software, including: voice essentials, automatic routing, easy integrations, workforce management, and reporting and analytics. Luckily, you can find all of these and more with Xima.

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