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On-Premise Contact Center

A Tried, True, and Trusted Solution

For some businesses, a Cloud-based Contact Center isn’t the best option to match their infrastructure needs.

That’s why Xima offers on-premise call center solutions in addition to our cloud-based call centers. Whether you’re in a physical or remote setting, we’re dedicated to helping businesses build better customer relationships and improve agent workflows to result in high customer satisfaction.

On-Premise Solution for
Those Who Need It

We take customer communication seriously. For more than 15 years, Xima’s on-premises software solutions have provided a customizable environment for businesses to meet industry standards while providing excellent customer service and preserving business continuity. 

Have everything you need for your call center right at your fingertips, to ensure your customers and agents can have an easy, seamless experience not bogged down by wait times

Features For On-Premise Contact Centers

Xima’s customer communication solutions will empower your agents to provide delightful customer experiences. Both our on-premise and cloud contact center solutions come with a robust set of features, including: 

And more!

On-Premise and Online

There’s more to a call center than just managing inbound and outbound calls. With Xima, you’ll be able to use our software and hardware to collect customer data while managing customer communications, ensuring they have the best customer experience possible.

Custom Reports

If the standard reporting suite doesn't quite give you the data you need, you can create custom reports leveraging hundreds of different metrics. Custom Reports >

Recording Library

Have your recorded calls automatically cataloged with pristine call quality, with the option to generate external listen links, add and view notes, and create recording snippets. Recording Library >

Realtime Wallboards

Create a visual display with your desired statistics. You can customize the board to show agent and group stats, abandoned calls, queued calls, and much more. Wallboards >

"The biggest selling point was that Xima didn’t require any heavy lifting to work with ACO. Xima could provide 4-digit dialing, easy integration to CRM, and it didn’t need to be intrusive on the network to provide desktop agent tools. "
Michelle Spence
COO Privia Medical Group

Enjoy Cradle-to-Grave Functionality

Cradle to Grave provides an intuitive system that allows you to view the information gathered during a call. This module stores and displays every event that takes place during a phone call, which means you can select any call and view ringing, talking, queue, hold, and transfer events that may have taken place during the call.

You can also see any agents, hunt groups, and external parties that may have been involved in the call. In short, Cradle to Grave allows you to view every detail and event of a call from beginning to end of the call’s life.

Cradle to Grave also provides a layout that can be customized to fit your company’s needs. You can filter your data to only show the specific calls you are looking for. You can also sort, search, and rearrange your tabular data to further fit your desired layout.

Why Use An On-Premise Call Center

An on-premise call center is what most people typically think of when they think of a call center. In an age of cloud-based contact, it can seem “old-fashioned,” but there’s still a number of good reasons why Xima’s on-premise solutions are a fit for many businesses.

Between physical security with physical servers you can manage and reliability from on-location hardware, an on-premise call center is a great option for many businesses. And, with Xima’s online access included, it still is modern enough for any situation.

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