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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Enable customers to find what they need without speaking to an agent.

Key Features of Xima’s
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Resolving Issues on the First Call

IVR helps customers self-resolve their issues by providing a fast and convenient way to access information and services with speech recognition capabilities.

Save Call Center Agents Time and Effort

Having information at the customer’s fingertips puts less strain on your available people when there are high call volumes. IVR solutions allow agents to provide the best service.

Let Customers Self-Resolve

Customers can use an IVR system to find information or get connected to the right department or person in the organization. This makes it convenient and efficient for customers to get the help they need.

No more waiting on hold, being shuffled through a variety of agents, or navigating through a complex phone system to get the information you need from customer service.

Easily Access the Most
Relevant Information

IVR can also provide pre-recorded information, such as operating hours, frequently asked questions, and other information that can help customers resolve their issues quickly.

This helps reduce call wait times, improves the overall customer experience, and frees up customer service representatives to handle more complex inquiries.

Seamlessly Direct Call Flows and Provide Answers

Interactive voice response software sends customers to the right department the first time they call in. However, a key feature of IVR is that it facilitates transactions without a caller needing to speak directly to a live agent. 

Additionally, pre-recorded messages can alert callers of business hours or promotions they should know about.

How IVR Works

Whether you choose an on-site or cloud-based setup for your business, we’ll ensure your IVR system is integrated with our software client. This allows for scalable growth and the use of additional Xima features, without needing costly additions like physical servers or other equipment.

Once installed, IVR greets callers and provides them with a phone tree menu, offering options such as billing, technical support, or the option to speak to a live agent. Speech recognition capabilities can pick up on keywords said by callers to best direct them through the menu.

Callers can navigate the menu freely by interacting verbally with the IVR or using their keypad. Each choice they make can present them with additional interactive voice response options until a resolution is found. 


Immediate Resolution

IVR can quickly answer routine questions or resolve simple issues for your customer without agent involvement.


A Better Focus

With IVR, agents can direct their efforts on more complex customer issues, allowing them to utilize their product and domain expertise.


Valuable Customer Data

Xima’s analytics provide information on customer inquiries and preferences. By having access to your customer data, you’re able to enhance your products and user experiences and increase customer satisfaction.

Provide Customers With the Best Possible Call Center Experience

Avoid shuffling callers around between agents and streamline the caller experience with IVR. Instead, offer record messages that let them get the answers they need, or direct them straight to the department they need to speak with from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Xima has answers. Check out the FAQs below.

IVR is an automated system for call centers that collects customer information and uses voice recognition to assist callers. IVR prompts can direct callers to respond verbally or press buttons on their phone to move through the menu. If needed, IVR solutions can include call routing to a live agent.

Our software will walk you through the initial setup process. Once it’s installed, you’ll find there are drag-and-drop options available for call centers to select the IVR recordings they wish to include in their inbound call menus. It’s straightforward to customize the messages and call flow that best suits your business needs.

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved agent performance
  • Reduced call volume to agents
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Provides callers with access to assistance around the clock
  • Reduced human error

For your convenience, Xima can offer either solution to our customers. Whether you opt for cloud-based or on-site, you receive real-time reporting and all the customizable options you want to meet the needs of your business. Plus, either solution is scalable and designed to grow with you.

Cloud-based and on-site software offers many of the same features for specific call center solutions. Cloud-based solutions work well for companies that have their employees working remotely, while on-site solutions are primed for physical call centers. Both are stable and have plenty of storage available, making them primed for any of your needs.

If you’re not sure which is right for you when it comes to implementing interactive voice response services, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the options, and how they can best serve your business.

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Other Features From Xima

Want to see how you can round out your call center services with Xima? Complement Live Agent Call Recording with additional features we have available to call centers:

Call Queuing

Give your customers the option to wait on a call, or receive a callback when an agent is available. Call queue software answers calls in the order they’re received, and gives the option for customers to leave their phone numbers for a callback.

Skills-Based Routing

Utilize your key resources more efficiently in your contact center with skills-based routing. Get the right agent on the right call, every time.

Email and SMS

Keep track of email and text message communications from customers with Xima’s help.

Social Media Messages

Understand customer behavior on your social media channels, and keep track of all inbound inquiries without any of them slipping through the cracks.

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