Live Agent Call Recording​

Xima’s call recording system provides valuable insights into your agent interactions.​

Key Features of Xima’s
Live Agent Call Recording Software​

Call Recording

You can automatically or manually record phone calls and even pause the recordings when customers share sensitive information.

Free Base Storage

We give every customer free storage based on the number of licenses, with the ability to buy more, allowing this solution to grow with your business.

Compressed Recording

Efficient use of space due to our industry-leading compression lets your storage go further.

Easier Access with Savings​

Our call center recording functionality streamlines the process of accessing and storing calls in the contact center. Contact centers can easily access and analyze recorded calls to improve customer satisfaction, resolve disputes, and ensure compliance.

Our compression technology saves storage space, reducing costs for contact centers while maintaining recording quality and clarity.

5GB of Free Storage Per Agent

We give each call center agent 5GB of free storage and let customers buy additional storage based on the number of voice agents.

Ensure Call Quality, Customer Retention, and Compliance with Call Recording

You can focus on pain points when you have access to a call between an agent and a customer. Understanding how agents are performing can help you decide whether to implement additional Xima solutions, such as skills-based routing or speech analytics.

Xima Call Recording also ensures customers remain compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI. 

Stored recordings offer convenient one-click start and pause features, as well as transcriptions of call audio to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


Quality Control &
Best Practices

Recorded calls ensure customers receive a consistently positive customer experience due to agent training and quality control measures taken on each call. Post-call summaries can allow agents and supervisors to review what went well, and where improvements can be made.


Avoid "He Said, She Said"

Feel confident as an agent with Xima’s call recording solution, knowing you can set call recording specifications and review every interaction. Feel protected against unfounded claims that service was subpar with stored recordings available at your fingertips.

Reviewing recorded calls allows agents to pinpoint opportunities to delight customers or upsell new products and services.


Training and Compliance

Monitoring call quality allows supervisors to coach agent performance by listening to their calls and customer interactions. New hires can benefit from listening to call recordings to learn the best ways to handle calls, whether they’re examples of positive or negative experiences.

With customizable retention policies and pause functionality, you can easily manage contract and regulation compliance to ensure call recordings are not collecting sensitive or protected information from customers.

Give Call Center Managers The Tools They Need to Succeed

How quickly can I access stored recordings?

Our live agent recording ensures a seamless experience through Xima’s Cradle-to-Grave view, enabling users to effortlessly retrieve and analyze their recordings. Recordings are available a few minutes after the call has completed.

With just a few clicks, you can access a wealth of valuable data through Xima’s Cradle-to-Grave view, fostering seamless collaboration among team members. This accessibility not only enhances internal communication but also empowers your team to optimize the customer experience effectively.

How secure is the data stored with Xima’s live agent call recording?

Our recordings are stored in Google’s cloud, which means it’s as secure as their servers. As far as sensitive information like bank account numbers, agents are able to pause recordings at any time during the call so we don’t record sensitive information like that.

Xima is also HIPAA and PCI compliant, ensuring your recordings are handle appropriately.

Other Features From Xima

Want to see how you can round out your call center services with Xima? Complement Live Agent Call Recording with additional features we have available to call centers:

Give your customers the option to wait on a call, or receive a callback when an agent is available. Call queue software answers calls in the order they’re received, and gives the option for customers to leave their phone numbers for a callback.

Utilize your key resources more efficiently in your contact center with skills-based routing. Get the right agent on the right call, every time.

Enable customers to find what they need without speaking to an agent by using interactive voice response (IVR). Sometimes it just takes a few prompts at the start of the call to determine which agent the customer needs to speak with.

Let’s face it; sometimes a customer doesn’t have time to call in. Web Chat allows them to get the answers they need with a few clicks of a mouse.

Keep track of email and text message communications from customers with Xima’s help.

Understand customer behavior on your social media channels, and keep track of all inbound inquiries without any of them slipping through the cracks.

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