Chronicall Overview

This page has specific videos for demonstrating the various features of Chronicall.

Chronicall Demonstration

Chronicall Demonstration

New to Chronicall and want to learn the basics?

Here you will find thorough and simple demonstration on the different modules of Chronicall. Watch this video to gain a better understanding of our software. 
Chronicall Standard Reports Demonstration

Standard Reports Demonstration

​​​Need an in-depth review of Chronicall's Base License?

Watch and learn how use Standard Reports, our base module that is included with every purchase of Chronicall. 
Chronicall Custom Reports Demonstration

Custom Reports Demonstration

Need to design reports to fit your specific needs?

Custom Reports is an add-on module to Standard Reports.  Here you will learn how to create new and edit existing reports; tailoring the Chronicall to fit your reporting needs. 
Chronicall Recording Library Demonstration

VRTX Recording Library Demonstration

Want to see how our Recording Library works?

Our VRTX Recording Library allows you to evaluate your employees and listen to specific calls. See how easy it is to record, store, and display each call from beginning to end. 
Chronicall Realtime Demonstration

Realtime Demonstration

Want to see what your employees are doing in real-time?

Realtime offers a current look at what your employees are doing. You can see how many calls are being taken, on hold, or missed. Watch our demonstration to see how you can track and display up to date call statistics. 
Chronicall Agent Dashboards Demonstration

Agent Dashboards Demonstration

Agent Dashboards is an add-on to Realtime. Learn about how you can easily manage employees by using widgets, account/reason codes. This add-on module allow agents to govern themselves and add value to their calls.