Contact Center Email Management Services

Simplify communication, improve response times, provide greater flexibility, and enable personalization. Email offers advanced features that contribute to a better customer experience.

Use email to collaborate with your team, increase productivity, and personalize customer experiences.

Increase Productivity

Give your customers the 5-star experience they come to expect from you. Improve response times by routing emails to the right person the first time.

With email integration, your staff can receive and respond to customer inquiries right on the Xima platform without fumbling between windows or tabs.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Roll out the red carpet and offer a personalized email experience whenever you respond to customers. By understanding your customers’ history and context, your teams will save time and delight at each touchpoint and interaction.

An Email Management System That Works

Make customer service email management a breeze with Xima’s contact center email solutions. From managing emails to customized email responses, using email to provide a personalized, efficient customer experience has never been easier.


With shared inboxes, your team can benefit from their collective knowledge base. Skills-based routing can assign emails to the team member whose skills best fit the needs of the incoming emails. With this level of collaboration, your customer service team will be more productive and effective than ever.

With our UCaaS system, you can message customers from various channels, including phone, SMS, social media, and web chat, to best work with their preferences. Find the best method of engaging with customers with real-time reporting and wallboards.

With Xima’s email management software, work is wherever you are. Use an internet connection to access our software, and work wherever works for you. With the ability to manage customer email communications from wherever you are, you’ll be able to contact your clients with ease.

Automate the First Touch

Skills-based Routing

Don’t waste time forwarding and cc’ing customer requests. Instead, reduce wait times, increase resolution rates, and provide personalized experiences with every email response by assigning emails to the team members they need immediately.

Skill-based routing allows businesses to match customers with employees with the specific skills or expertise required to resolve any issues quickly.

Flexibility Meets Functionality

Single Interface

A single interface allows employees to manage emails, calls, chats, and texts from one location.

Reports and Wallboards

Gain detailed visibility into response times, interaction counts, and much more through customized reports in real-time.

Integration Capability

Connect email clients like Gmail and Microsoft to seamlessly interact with customers.

Why Xima?

With Xima, you can use innovative technology to deliver the very best in customer service while making your agents’ productivity skyrocket.

“I have been in this business over 50 years and I seldom run across a company that has an excellent product and incredible support. YOU are one of those companies!”

Pat Russell

Tween Waters

Everything, Unified

Don’t waste your team’s time juggling different platforms. Make your business streamlined, efficient, and effective by unifying all your communication methods in one easy channel.

By integrating voice, email, chat, and social media, you can give your customers the consistent, personalized experience they deserve–and your agents a simplified workflow that they’ll love to use.

Xima Contact Center

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Best-in-Class Reporting and Analytics

Uncover invaluable insights that help your support team operate more efficiently and effectively.

Customizable analytics, reports, and dashboards give your support managers powerful, actionable ways to maximize your support efforts.

Easy to Use and Quick to Learn

Xima’s intuitive interface makes training easier and keeps users satisfied.

User-friendly designs ensure that users can find the tools and information they need quickly and efficiently, improving call handling times and customer satisfaction.

Fast Set-Up Tailored to Your Needs

Install in seconds and configure Xima to your needs without the hassle of changing vendors so you can be fully operational faster.

Xima’s software easily plugs into your existing phone system or unified communications solution without requiring you to switch phones or numbers.

Expert Partner to Your Support Team

With a reliable reputation and vast domain experience, Xima has the reputation and experience your support team needs as a partner. Our experts are on-call to guide you along the way.

“By implementing Xima and leveraging the intelligent call routing with historical and real-time analytics, Privia is equipped to deliver on our promise to our customers.”

Michelle Spence

COO Privia Medical Group