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Give your customers options to talk when they’re available, thanks to call back software.

Key Features of Xima’s Call Back Software

Meet the Customers on Their Terms

Provide better customer service with a queuing system that allows customers to avoid waiting on hold while maintaining their place in line. This convenience eases customer frustrations and leads to better interactions.

Reduce Call Abandonment

When customers place an incoming call and find themselves facing a daunting hold time, they’re not likely to stick around. Dropped and abandoned calls leave negative impressions on your customers. With queue callback, you’ll decrease your abandonment rate and improve customer experience.

Get Your Customer on the Line Instead of Keeping Them on the Line

Queue callback reduces call abandonment rates and improves the overall efficiency of the contact center. Customers are more likely to remain engaged with the contact center when they have the option of receiving a callback. Customers otherwise might simply hang up due to long wait times.

Turn Leads into Connections

With call back software, your leads can receive a callback when they prefer, and be assigned to the right agent at your call center to meet their needs. Instead of making customers wait on an inbound call, collect phone numbers and have an available agent contact them at a future time.

Analytics That Matter

Queue callback gives contact centers real time data on customer behavior and preferences, helping them make staffing decisions and prioritize in-demand skills. This streamlines workforce management and ensures that the necessary resources are available to meet customer demand, improving the contact center’s efficiency and productivity.

Hitting the Bottom Line

Call abandonment affects more than just the customer. Every abandoned call is a missed opportunity or a potentially unhappy customer, both of which can be extremely costly for your business.


No Waiting in Queue on Hold

Queue callback gives customers the ability to stay engaged without being stuck listening to hold music, reducing drop-off rates.


Agents Can Handle More Calls Efficiently

Queue callback eases agent pressure, routing calls and enabling personalized service for each customer by allowing them to take more time.


Understand Customer Behavior

Queue callback gathers insightful customer behavior data, allowing supervisors to make informed decisions on staffing levels and agent activities.

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Make your queue work smarter, not harder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Xima has answers. Check out the FAQs below.

Simply put, it’s an option for customers to let your call center know when they wish to receive a call back if they don’t want to wait on the line for an agent to be available.

Queue callback is the specific option for customers to receive a call back from an agent instead of waiting on the line. Call queueing is the feature that informs customers of their current place in line as they choose to wait on hold.

When agents are busy, customers who place inbound calls can utilize IVR systems to indicate whether or not they’d like to be called back when an agent is free. Studies show that 63% of consumers polled prefer a callback to waiting on hold.

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Lower call abandonment rates
  • Reduced average handle time
  • Improved agent experience
  • Reduced overhead costs for call center

Xima is compatible with Avaya Cloud Office (ACO), RingCentral Office (RCO), 3CX, NetSapiens, and Metaswitch. For a comprehensive list, get in touch with us today.

Xima can offer both cloud-based and on-site solutions to customers. Either way, you receive real-time reporting and all the customizable options you want to meet the needs of your business. Plus, either solution is scalable and designed to grow with you.

Cloud-based and On-Premise solutions offer many of the same features, including:


  • Skills-based-routing
  • Queue callback
  • Cradle-to-Grave insights
  • Custom reporting
  • Real-time wallboards
  • Interactive chat 
  • Supervisor control

If you’re not sure which is right for you, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the options, and how they can best serve your business.

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Queue Callback for Increased Customer Satisfaction.

Other Features From Xima

How else can Xima help your call queue software function better? Complement Queue Callback with additional features we have available:

Call Queuing

Give your customers the option to wait on a call, or receive a callback when an agent is available. Call queue software answers calls in the order they’re received, and gives the option for customers to leave their phone numbers for a callback.

Skills-Based Routing

Utilize your key resources more efficiently in your contact center with skills-based routing. Get the right agent on the right call, every time.

Live Agent Call Recording

Live agent call recording provides valuable, real-time insights into your agent interactions.

Interactive Voice Response

Enable customers to find what they need without speaking to an agent by using (IVR). Sometimes it just takes a few prompts at the start of the call to determine which agent the customer needs to speak with.

Web Chat

Let’s face it; sometimes a customer doesn’t have time to call in. Web chat allows them to get the answers they need with a few clicks of a mouse.

Email and SMS

Keep track of email and text message communications from customers with Xima’s help.

Social Media Messages

Understand customer behavior on your social media channels, and keep track of all inbound inquiries without any of them slipping through the cracks.

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