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Speech Analytics

Understand every call through automated speech-to text, help agents, and improve processes


Organizations can search for keywords, gain insights into customer behavior, and identify trends and patterns with speech-to-text.

Realtime Suggestions for Agents

By recognizing certain phrases and words, Xima can pull up relevant solutions and information, helping agents to address customer concerns and needs more quickly.

Quality Management

Recordings are stored in a compressed format so organizations can quickly access and review interactions to identify areas for improvement, monitor compliance with standards and regulations, and ensure that customer data is protected.

Analyze 100% of Interactions

Speech analytics in a contact center provides numerous benefits that help improve customer service and overall business operations. It enables the analysis of 100% of customer interactions, providing valuable insights and trends that can inform decision-making and strategy. 

This helps identify areas for improvement, monitor compliance with regulations, and optimize agent performance. With speech analytics, companies can take a data-driven approach to customer experience, helping to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Search Transcribed Message

Transcribed calls allow for keyword searching, making it easier for agents and supervisors to quickly find specific interactions for review and analysis. This not only helps improve training and coaching, but also leads to better customer experiences as agents can more easily reference past interactions and address customer needs more efficiently.

Customer Insights

Speech analytics allows supervisors to quickly review customer satisfaction levels, ease of doing business, and agent engagement.


Quality Management

Improving processes through automation.

Quality management is greatly improved with speech analytics with the ability to search calls for trends and patterns. AI further streamlines the review process by allowing for quick searches and analysis of interactions, helping to identify areas for improvement. 

This leads to more efficient and effective quality management, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the ability to monitor and analyze all interactions also helps ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.


Know They Care

Insights can help to identify trends in customer behavior, allowing the contact center to proactively address common issues and provide a better overall experience.


Empowered by the Data

By knowing performance metrics and customer feedback, Supervisors can help to create a more supportive and empowering work environment.


Data Delivered

Supervisors can create automated delivery of key insights and create reports that provide value immediately.

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