Customer Feature Webinar: Explore the latest releases in IVR, MMS Messaging, and Social Media Integration.

Listening to Our Customers

Q3 Product Innovations

Global Authentication

Global Authentication allows administrators for companies with multiple locations to utilize a single login credential. Administrators can then conveniently choose from a list of sites they wish to connect to, thereby simplifying the management of multiple connections while maintaining security and efficiency in their interactions with our platform.

Partners and administrators of corporations managing multiple separate UC sites can now streamline their login process by using a single login screen. They can choose which, if not all, of the sites they wish to access. In the past, admins were required to maintain multiple login credentials to access each site’s dedicated URL. This functionality is exclusively offered to corporations utilizing our central repository framework.

Recording Pull API

This API empowers third-party entities to establish authentication with our software, subsequently enabling them to make requests for essential call recording metadata and the corresponding audio recordings. This functionality opens up new opportunities for integration and data access, bridging the gap between our CCaaS contact center platform and external systems.

Salesforce Plugin Enhancement


We have undertaken a comprehensive redesign effort aimed at enhancing the usability and functionality of our plugin for Salesforce users. This facelift represents a commitment to delivering an improved user experience, ensuring that individuals leveraging our plugin within the Salesforce environment can enjoy a more intuitive, efficient, and feature-rich interaction with our software.

Salesforce App Exchange.

We are actively pursuing the official inclusion of our application within the Salesforce App Exchange. While we await a response from Salesforce, this initiative is already in progress, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the interoperability and accessibility of our solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Plugin SSO.

Through our Salesforce plugin, we have the capability to achieve Single Sign-On (SSO) integration into the Contact Center system with Microsoft or Gmail credentials. Furthermore, This is going to mean a more seamless logins and less time spent logging into different systems.

Cisco WebEx + Xima Contact Center

Our Contact Center solution now integrates with the Cisco WebEx platform. Our dedication to technical excellence and effective communication underscores our commitment to delivering value to our stakeholders and customers in the context of the Cisco WebEx platform integration. This is going to allow customers to use systems they know, reducing wasted time and support calls.

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Feature Release Webinar

Join us for an exclusive webinar as we dive into our latest product releases for IVR, MMS Messaging, and Social Media Integration.

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • MMS Messaging

  • Social Media Integration

Thursday, September 12, 2024 | 11:00AM ET