Introducing Xima’s New Central Repository

The Ultimate Solution for Multi-Site Companies

1 in 3 [business] leaders believe that building new-generation digital platforms to help customer-facing teams work better is a top digital investment priority. (The Future of CX 2022 report – Freshworks) As communication technology evolves, businesses are turning to unified communications (UC) to streamline their processes and improve productivity.

However, managing communication data across multiple locations can be a challenge. That’s where our new UC Central Repository comes in – providing a centralized location to store and manage communication data for multi-site organizations.

Key Features of Xima's Central Repository

Xima’s Central Repository offers a range of features that make it the ultimate solution for multi-site companies including:

  • Centralized Contact Data: The Central Repository can pull in customer interaction data for every location associated with the company. This combined data allows corporate users to compare site results in one simple integrated tool, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and make better decisions about efficiency and productivity.

  • User Account Integration: Corporate members with an assigned user account can connect to the combined hub for all sites and individual sites directly using their single account credentials. This feature streamlines the login process, eliminating the need for multiple logins.

  • Speech Analytics Integration: The Central Repository supports 3rd party services like Xima’s speech analytics. With this feature, all company recordings are accessible from one source, making it easier to monitor and analyze communication activities across all sites.

Benefits of Xima's Central Repository

Xima’s Central Repository offers several benefits to multi-site companies. These include:

  • Improved Collaboration: By providing a single source of truth for all communication-related information, the central repository enables better collaboration among team members, regardless of location or communication channel.


  • Enhanced Data Insights: With all communication data stored in a central repository, companies can monitor and analyze communication activities, identify patterns, create benchmarks, and make informed decisions based on data insights.


  • Cost Savings: Xima’s Central Repository eliminates the need for multiple communication tools and services, reducing costs and simplifying the management of communication data.

Engineered for Multi-Site Organizations

Xima’s Central Repository is designed for multi-site companies that want to streamline communication processes and improve collaboration. This includes businesses in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, or any company or franchise with multiple locations where effective communication is critical to delivering quality customer service experiences.

Xima’s new Central Repository product offers a centralized location to store and manage communication data for multi-site companies. With features such as centralized contact data, user account integration, and speech analytics integration, companies can rely on one source of truth to improve productivity and efficiency. The Central Repository provides a range of benefits, including improved collaboration, enhanced data insights, and cost savings. If your customers are looking for a powerful repository solution for your multi-site clients, contact us today to learn more about Xima’s Central Repository.

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