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New Gmail Integration for Seamless Customer Support

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At Xima, we continually enhance how customer care teams manage interactions. Our latest enhancement is the Gmail integration for our contact center platform. Building on the success of our Microsoft Outlook integration, this new feature brings the same level of convenience and efficiency to Gmail users.

A New Level of Email Management

Managing a group email account like often means agents have to coordinate who handles each email, leading to duplicated efforts and inefficiency. With Xima’s Gmail integration, emails are queued and distributed to the most skilled agents based on predefined rules, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring quick and effective responses.

Supercharged Reporting

But that’s not all. Supervisors can now monitor and report on email efficiency just like they do with calls, texts, and chats. With a holistic view of all communication channels, management can gain deeper insights into team performance and customer interactions.

Cradle to grave reporting in the Xima platform

Key Features

Automatic Assignment

Emails are assigned in the order they arrive to the most skilled agents, preventing duplicated work and cherry-picking.

Unified Management

Agents can handle calls, texts, chats, and emails from Gmail all within the same console, streamlining their workflow.

Common Questions Answered

How does Xima access Gmail accounts?
Our Customer Success Team will assist in obtaining the necessary credentials and authenticating the Gmail accounts within Xima.

What happens if there’s an issue with Xima?
Emails remain in your Gmail account. If Xima is down, new emails stay in the inbox until the service resumes.

How much storage is provided for attachments?
Attachments remain in your Gmail account, subject to Google’s storage limits. Xima accesses them as needed for handling and review.

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