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In today’s fast-paced marketplace, customer service has become a key differentiator for businesses looking to stay competitive. Xima has brought MS Teams to the Contact Center to deliver a robust communication platform that can help scale customer experience and improve employee engagement quickly.

Xima’s integration with MS Teams offers a powerful solution that empowers businesses with actionable data and insights to measure trends, make informed decisions, and optimize employee activity and performance. This integration provides a unified communication platform that brings together Xima’s contact center expertise with MS Teams’ collaboration and messaging capabilities. This robust solution helps businesses streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

Some of the key benefits of Xima’s CCaaS integration with MS Teams are:

Easy to Set Up, Fast to Learn:

By using the existing MS Teams softphone to answer Contact Center calls businesses don’t have to worry about learning an entirely new platform. This means time to productivity and efficiency during peak calling times are improved significantly. MS Teams’ collaboration and messaging capabilities allow businesses to work seamlessly across teams and departments.

Strategic Insights and Actionable Data:

With Xima’s advanced reporting capabilities, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customer service operations. All calls that enter or leave the MS Teams application (phone) will be captured historically and in realtime within Xima’s interface. 

The platform enables users to measure key metrics such as call volumes, average handling time, and customer satisfaction scores, helping them make data-driven decisions to optimize customer service delivery.

Improved Employee Activity and Performance:

Xima’s CCaaS integration with MS Teams provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their employees’ performance. With real-time monitoring and coaching tools, businesses can identify areas where employees need more support and offer personalized coaching to improve their performance.

Expertise and Support:

Xima’s CCaaS integration with MS Teams brings together Xima’s customer service expertise with MS Teams’ collaboration and messaging capabilities. This integration enables businesses to rely on Xima’s customer service expertise in areas where they need more support.

This Teams connection offers businesses a powerful solution to optimize their customer service operations. With its advanced reporting capabilities, real-time monitoring, and coaching tools, businesses can enhance employee activity and performance, collaborate seamlessly across teams, and rely on Xima’s customer service expertise for support.

Behind the Scenes

Using our MS Teams connector we can programmatically connect the Microsoft Teams application to an extension within Xima UC and register the MS Teams phone as your primary device. This device can answer standard calls for the back office by way of the provisioned extension, or, answer calls by way of Xima’s Contact Center.

This provides the benefit of fewer applications/devices that you have to use for your daily processes. It also makes it simple and allows you to use the phone you’re already familiar with.


Before this is possible, there are a few requirements; namely having Microsoft compatible licenses. For each direct route you set up with Teams it will consume a base User License and add on Phone user license. Another option is to use an enterprise/premium license like an, E3 or E5 which includes the phone license. (it will show up as 1 license if you have enterprise licenses)

For more information on compatible licenses – https://docs.connecttoteams.com/en/articles/11

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