Integration of WebRTC with Broadsoft

Technology Limitations:

If you register with an extension, this allows 5 calls to 20 calls per extension (depending upon license type).

For customers where this is fine, comes another component that isn’t great. The load balancer kills the SIP headers as it’s blind transferred to the other extensions in line. As a result, every time the Contact Center calls goes to the “Default”.

Because we aren’t using any API integration, they are forced to have to use the built in WebRTC technology for inbound Contact Center calls and Outbound.

Technology Workarounds:

Because of the above, it’s not ideal to register via an extension or extensions. As a result of this, I would strongly recommend registering via a Broadsoft trunk or Ribbon SBC.

Ribbon SBC Example:

Broadsoft SIP Trunk Example

Both of these scenarios have been tested and work. You will need to work with your reseller/customer to get these credentials, but this is definitely the better option of implementation.

NOTE: Once registered, we ran into an issue with outbound calls going out properly. We found out that we needed to send the P_Asserted_Identity out via our SIP messaging. There is now a feature toggle available to enable this on version

Once this is enabled you shouldn’t have any issues with making outbound calls.

SIP Header Routing:

The best way to route calls to skills is via the unique DID’s. As an example, I requested multiple DID’s to test this theory and set them up as so.

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