Introducing Xima’s Email for Contact Centers

How Integrated Email Support Helps Boost Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Simplify the Agent Experience​

Agents are often juggling between multiple applications to manage phone calls and emails. This constant back-and-forth can lead to delays in response time and decreased productivity. By implementing email support within the same application used for phone calls, SMS, and webchats, agents can seamlessly handle all customer interactions in one centralized platform. This integration streamlines workflow, reduces application switching, and improves agent efficiency.

Get Emails to the Right Agent Quickly:

In contact centers where multiple agents need to handle incoming emails from a shared group account, email distribution plays a pivotal role in workload, response times, and issue resolution. Xima’s integrated email addresses these issues by offering automated routing and distribution capabilities. Xima’s system intelligently routes emails to available agents based on their skill level assigned for specific queues or their idle duration. This helps streamline email inquiries and optimizes agent utilization.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting:

Without proper analytics, companies may lack the insights to understand to help their teams work efficiently. Xima’s email support brings a solution to this problem by providing cradle to grave historical reporting for each email. This means that companies can now track the entire journey of an email, event by event, from its receipt to its resolution. By capturing and analyzing email efficiency data, contact centers will have these valuable metrics at their fingertips for performance evaluation and process improvement.

In conclusion, incorporating email support into the contact center environment brings substantial benefits. It streamlines agent workflows by centralizing all customer interactions in a single application. Automated email distribution helps distribute emails faster, leading to improved response times. Most importantly, Xima’s comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities offer valuable insights into efficiency, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions and improve contact center performance. With these solutions in place, contact centers can transform their email support, bolster customer satisfaction, and drive business success.

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