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Xima on Avaya Cloud Office (ACO)

The 'How'

Xima has leveraged its decade plus of experience and Intellectual Property (IP) on Avaya IP Office and made it cloud-ready for Avaya Cloud Office (ACO).

Call Reporting Analytics

With the familiar Cradle to Grave visual call-flow and customer journey interface that shows every single call event to our rich Standard Reports coupled with the ability to create your own reports within Xima CCaaS, this combination of tools remedies the need for Contact Center Supervisors and Managers to spend hours manually combining and modifying spreadsheets to get the information that they need. These tools are single-handedly the reason why companies need and trust Xima’s Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS).

Contact Center Supervisor Realtime Tools.

Contact Center Supervisors need the ability to manage their staff in real time. They need tools that allow them to see their agents’ current states and activities. They also need tools to help manage the call flow. If supervisors see agents logged out or in busy states, they quickly need the ability to place their agents back into their skills and make them ready for calls. Holding agents accountable and responsible for their performance is exactly what these real time tools empower supervisors to do.

Contact Center Agent experience.

Contact Center Agents need the ability to manage their call and work-flows with ease and efficiency. Having a single web-based interface to easily handle calls, web chats, and their CRM is precisely what is needed. With Xima Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC), not only can agents handle their work flow but they can also be apprised of real time metrics and events that help keep them focused and on-task which leads to higher productivity.

The 'What'

Xima Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) is a service in the cloud, hosted by Google. Xima CCaaS are registered extensions (Digital Lines or ‘DL’) on Avaya Cloud Office (ACO). That way calls never leave Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) and most importantly, there are no additional toll charges, rates, tariffs, or SIP trunks to configure between Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) and Xima Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS). A single and simple dial plan is shared between Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) and Xima Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) making life easier for everyone.

Inbound calls come into Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) and are pointed to Xima’s cloud Contact Center extensions on Avaya Cloud Office (ACO). Xima CCaaS answers the calls with our IVR and Auto Attendants and then route the calls to the specific agents via our Skills Based Routing algorithms. Xima’s cloud Contact Center agents are simply users of Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) and these users can use their familiar Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) SIP hardphone (Avaya J-Series) or softphone (ACO desktop app or mobile app). Only one device is needed to manage normal office calls and cloud Contact Center calls.

To increase customer satisfaction, Xima’s Cloud Contact Center also provides Queue Callback or ‘Callback Assist’ which allows the customer to reserve their place in line (queue) and Xima CCaaS will call the customer back when it’s their turn to speak with an agent, whereby relieving the customer of needing to wait in line with a phone held to their ear.

Web chat enables customers that are on your website that have questions to have those questions answered in real time with Contact Center agents through chat as opposed to calling into the Contact Center. The Contact Center agents manage those web chats just like typical cloud Contact Center calls which is through Xima’s Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC).

Why Xima Cloud

Avaya Business Partners are looking for ways to move their heritage PBX premised-based customers (Avaya IP Office) to the cloud. A clear and easy path should be available for partners and customers to consider. One of the biggest challenges with Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) is: call reporting analytics and real-time reporting (wallboards or visual management). Xima’s Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) solves all these problems.

Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) has inherent built-in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), however it’s rather limited in terms of contact center call routing (no skills based routing), call reporting analytics (no contact center call reporting), queue callback (not an option on ACO), and real time wallboards (no real time contact center wallboards).

In most cases, you will need to consider an out-of-the-box (or 3rd party) Contact Center solution. Current choices in the market are Enterprise-grade and very expensive (ranging from $100 per agent/mo to $150 per agent/mo). Xima CCaaS provides the level of customization and flexibility that Contact Centers require but at small-to-mid-sized pricing ($55 per agent/mo). A perfect solution.

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