Xima Launches Broadsoft Integration

Delivering a seamless customer service experience can be the difference between a happy customer and a frustrated one. In fact, 33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold and 33% are most frustrated by having to repeat themselves to multiple support reps. (HubSpot Research). It’s no surprise that more and more businesses are investing in digital transformation strategies to provide customers with a more connected and personalized experience.

Xima works together with Broadsoft to enable businesses to facilitate real-time communication, advanced reporting, and crucial analytics, without requiring any plugins or software downloads. For customer interactions, this is an essential tool that provides timely and efficient customer support. Here’s why:

Seamless Integration

Pairing Xima CCaaS and Broadsoft gives you even more flexibility. Xima integrates on top of your existing infrastructure and registers your trunks to route calls to Contact Center. By doing this, you’re not creating more toll charges for you or your customers, nor passing this off of your system to another provider’s trunk.

Cost Effective

Now you can add premium features like Skills Based Routing, Queue Callback, and automatic or manual Voice Recording with 5GB per agent storage space without having to overpay for features you don’t need. Because Xima includes all the features you need and none you don’t, it’s a much more affordable option than other communication providers.

Easy to Use

One of the biggest advantages of integrating Xima and Broadsoft is easy setup and adoption. No downloads or installations, all your mission critical information can be accessed directly through a single pane of glass. This makes it easier for reps to quickly connect with customers and deliver support in real-time without the need to switch between windows or programs.

Since Xima runs directly within the web browser, there is no need for expensive infrastructure or hardware investments. Better yet, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have a reliable and stable platform. No more disconnects or dropped customer calls.

Better Insights

What does internal and outbound traffic look like? How can employees improve their customer interactions? Are you missing coaching opportunities? Xima’s communication platform with Broadsoft has enhanced features like Live Listen, Join Call, Whisper, and Speech Analytics to answer these questions and more.

Supervisors will never miss a beat with our Supervisor View. Take a peek at your agent’s activity in real-time and listen to the calls live, join in a whisper session to coach, or just join the call to offer extra support. Add that to Xima’s best-in-class reporting and you have the tools to create meaningful experiences for all of your customers.

Improved Customer Experience

By offering real-time communication options, businesses can provide faster and more personalized support. Since customers can connect with your staff directly through the web browser, they can receive support from anywhere and at any time, which is particularly useful as more and more customers look to digital communication channels.

Xima helps customer service teams get better by removing noise and focusing on actionable insights.

Combining Xima’s dynamic communication platform with Broadsoft helps businesses improve customer experience and stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. Ease of use, cost-effectiveness, insights, and tools to improve customer experiences make it a must-have for any business looking to deliver a seamless customer experience.

Under the Hood

The Xima and Broadsoft integration works like any other device on your system using SIP registrations from our service to your system as a device. The calls are “held” as a line appearance and distributed based on when they arrived at our service and agent availability. The system can be set up for the full Contact Center experience, including music, custom announcements etc. From the caller’s point of view, they are simply waiting in a queue for a moment until they are answered by an agent on the other end.

This keeps ALL of the Contact Center calls on your system and doesn’t send them to another external party, or to another carrier’s trunk. Another benefit of this setup is no additional toll charges or bill-back to your customers.

Some systems charge additional fees for extension/user creation and limit those extensions with the number of simultaneous calls they can have at any time. With Broadsoft, you can save even more by continuing to use SIP technology with Xima CCaaS by registering through a SIP trunk. Xima registers the service via a Ribbon SBC and a standard SIP trunk. This is an extremely affordable way to use Xima and allows you to push as much traffic into the Contact Center “queue” as required for your customer, without line appearance limitations like you would with a single extension.

When calls come in from Direct Inward Dialing (DID), ex. Sales, they can be sent to any destination based on the incoming SIP headers. This will allow callers to drop immediately into the Contact Center skill based on the number that they dialed.

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