The True Cost of Losing a Customer

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There's a Real Cost

Companies spend a lot of time and money to attract new customers, but less effort goes into figuring out why they lose customers. However, the cost to business of losing customers, as well as the impact on the overall company, is dangerously high, which is why it’s more profitable to expend your efforts on retaining existing clients.

Let’s discuss some common problems facing us and consider what we can do.

$62 Billion

Lost per year due to poor customer service.

According to a study from Forbes, companies across the US are losing a staggering amount of revenue from a multitude of reasons but one of the top being a bad customer experience.

One bad experience can have a far greater knock-on effect than one good experience.

Here are some all-too common scenarios...

leading to bad customer service.


Transferring Callers Again and Again

Dealing with customer service can be a hassle, especially when you have to explain your situation over and over again to multiple representatives. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process that leaves you feeling unheard or unhelped.


Queue Callback

Queue callback (QCB) is a customer service feature that lets a customer know that their agent is about to be available. It’s an efficient way for contact centers to reduce abandoned calls and increase customer satisfaction.

The queue callback function also improves a contact center’s call response rate by allowing employees to concentrate on their present engagements rather than worrying about callers waiting.

Callback queues help agents enhance their performance and work more efficiently.