SMS Porting to Xima's Contact Center

Keep your phone number(s) with your existing provider and seamlessly port over only the SMS/texting portion of that number to Xima’s Contact Center.

This new feature allows you to keep your phone calls the way they are, uninterrupted, and add in the additional function of SMS capabilities in your contact center.

Reasons to Buy

1. Customer Preference

In today’s digital age, customer demographics are increasingly inclined to text rather than make phone calls. Providing SMS capabilities allows you to cater to this preference, offering customers a convenient and familiar communication channel. And with this latest feature, you can offer your primary phone line to customers for texting!

2. Enhanced Agent Efficiency

With SMS messaging, agents can handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously, engaging in back-and-forth conversations without the constraints of a single phone call. This capability significantly boosts agent productivity and responsiveness.

3. Expanded Customer Reach

Offering SMS functionality opens up another avenue for customers to connect with your Contact Center. Some customers may find it more comfortable or practical to send a text message rather than make a phone call, especially when privacy or convenience is paramount.

4. Supervisory Oversight and Performance Management

The ability to report on and review SMS correspondence provides supervisors with valuable insights into agent performance. Supervisors can identify trends, analyze interactions, and provide targeted feedback to improve customer service quality.

Pain Relievers


For busy contact centers, multiple customers can communicate with a single agent simultaneously.

Reduced Wait Times

Rather than waiting on hold, customers can send a message and receive a quicker response from an agent.

How it works.

  • Provide Invoice: Customers must produce the latest invoice from their current provider, providing an account number and proof of ownership of the phone numbers they wish to SMS port.


  • Submit LOA: Xima requires a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) to begin the SMS porting process.


  • Implementation: Once these documents are in place, Xima can implement this feature to your CCaaS tenant.


Dual Communication

Leverage two methods of communication (Voice and SMS) with the same phone number for enhanced customer interaction.

Faster Communication

Increase customer communication efficiency and decrease long hold times.


Full Cradle to Grave and historical reporting for SMS messaging

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