Q4 2023 Product Innovations

What's New: Integrate
with 300+ CRMs

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news – in our latest release for Q4 2023, we’re introducing Xima’s CRM Integration, a powerful tool designed to streamline your operations and supercharge your customer interactions.

Making Work Smoother

With the new CRM integration, gone are the days of manual data entry hassles. Seamlessly connect to over 300 CRMs and enjoy a smoother workflow that eliminates the need to juggle between different systems. Your agents can now invest more time in meaningful customer interactions.

Boosting Productivity

We understand the importance of your team’s time. Xima’s integration boosts productivity by minimizing the back-and-forth between systems. More efficient workflows mean happier customers and optimal use of your team’s valuable resources.

Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency

Bid farewell to data input errors! Xima’s CRM integration automates data synchronization, ensuring accurate and consistent customer information across your contact center and CRM. This reliability is a game-changer for making informed decisions and generating insightful reports.

Elevating Customer Experiences

Get ready to enhance your customer interactions with a comprehensive view. By consolidating data from your contact center and CRM, Xima’s integration empowers your agents to provide personalized, contextually relevant services. It’s all about creating memorable customer experiences.

Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

Stay ahead with real-time data and analytics. Xima’s integration facilitates instant updates between your contact center and CRM, giving you the power to make informed decisions, adapt strategies on the fly, and respond swiftly to changing customer needs.

How to Get Started: Simple and Quick Integration

  • Open up the CRM integration menu.
  • Select the CRM you wish to integrate with.
  • Provide authentication details (admin login, password, or API key).
  • Once authenticated, you’re all set to experience the benefits of seamless integration!

Our CRM Integration Features

Screen Pop

Automatically or manually “pop” the customer information screen in a browser tab for incoming customer conversations.

Caller Preview

Seamlessly pull contact and company information from your CRM for incoming calls or messages.

Activity Logging

Automatically log a record of client interactions and review links to view past conversations, listen to recordings, and see call flows.


Efficient dialing with fewer clicks.

Address Book Activity

Simultaneously search the contact directories of all integrated CRM applications and call or pop a contact from the results.

We’re confident that Xima’s CRM Integration will revolutionize how you connect with your customers. This release is our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance your contact center operations. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in delivering exceptional customer experiences!

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