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Q2 Product Releases


Say hello to increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and optimized resource management with Xima's integrated email handling solution. Elevate your communication game and unlock your team's true potential with our advanced unified application.

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SMS Channel

In Q2, we expanded our reach with the inbound SMS channel on Xima CCaaS. Now, connect seamlessly with your customers via convenient SMS, meeting their communication preferences head-on and enhancing customer engagement.

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Assisted Transfer

Prior to transferring a call, the initial agent can seamlessly communicate and share essential context and information about the caller's issue with the new agent or department.

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Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies your digital experience by providing seamless access to multiple applications and systems with just one set of login credentials. Say goodbye to juggling multiple passwords and wasting time on repetitive logins.

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Microsoft Teams Integration
(via TeamMate)

Even though MS Teams might lack robust reporting capabilities, our seamless solution bridges that gap effortlessly. Get ready to embrace full Cradle to Grave reporting and real-time wallboards, providing you with unparalleled insights and visibility into your communication processes.

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Our product releases and innovations that have transformed communication in Quarter 2 of 2023. Our latest breakthroughs aim to simplify and streamline your interactions, drastically improving response times, enhancing flexibility, and enabling unparalleled personalization. With the release of the email channel on Xima CCaaS, customers can now gain valuable insights into the emails coming and going from their offices. 

Xima integrates email handling into its unified application, along with phone calls, SMS, and webchats, allowing agents to manage emails seamlessly within their workflow. With intelligent routing, emails are assigned to available agents based on skill level or idle duration, optimizing resource allocation. Additionally, Xima introduces cradle-to-grave historical reporting for each email, enabling companies to track its journey event by event and incorporate email efficiency data into comprehensive reports. Experience enhanced efficiency and visibility as Xima revolutionizes email communication management.

SMS Channel

In Q2, we expanded our reach by launching the inbound SMS channel on Xima CCaaS. Now, meet your customers where they are by enabling text-based communication. Seamlessly connect with your audience, allowing them to reach out to you via convenient and familiar SMS. Embrace this powerful addition to enhance customer engagement and meet their communication preferences head-on.

Assisted Transfer

Before transferring a call to another agent or department, the initial agent can communicate with the new agent and provide relevant context and information about the caller’s issue. This type of transfer is often preferred when the situation requires a personalized touch and a smooth transition for the caller.

With Xima offering Assisted Transfer, you can now have better communication between your agents and provide the customer a better experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

We released Single sign-on for Xima CCaaS in Q2. With SSO, you gain seamless access to Xima using your Google or Microsoft login credentials. Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering and managing multiple passwords. Enjoy enhanced security, improved user productivity, and streamlined access management.

Microsoft Teams Integration (via TeamMate)

While MS Teams might lack robust reporting capabilities, our powerful integration bridges that gap seamlessly. Say hello to full Cradle to Grave reporting and real-time wallboards that give you unprecedented insights into your communication workflows.

Using our MS Teams connector we can programmatically connect the Microsoft Teams application to an extension within Xima UC and register your Teams phone as your primary device. This device can answer standard calls for your back office by way of the provisioned extension, or, answer calls by way of Xima’s Contact Center.

Fewer Applications

This provides the benefit of fewer applications/devices that you have to use for your daily processes. It also makes it simple and allows you to use the phone you’re already familiar with.

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SMS Porting to Xima’s Contact Center

Keep your phone number(s) with your existing provider and seamlessly port over only the SMS/texting portion of that number to Xima’s Contact Center.
This new feature allows you to keep your phone calls the way they are, uninterrupted, and add in the additional function of SMS capabilities in your contact center.

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