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Q1 2024
Release Highlights

As we reflect on the first quarter of 2024, we are thrilled to share with you the groundbreaking developments that have redefined customer service with Xima. In our efforts to streamline workflows, we are proud to announce some key features released during this period.

Outbound DID Selection for Voice

One of the key features introduced in Q1 is the Outbound DID Selection for Voice. This feature allows agents to select from a dropdown menu and make calls on behalf of a specified phone number or team. For example, if an agent is calling on behalf of the “support” team, they can ensure that customers call back the same number they dialed. This streamlines the process, eliminating the need for customers to call into a main number or auto-attendant to reach the department they need.

Pause/Resume API for
UC Recording

Another significant enhancement introduced in Q1 is the Pause/Resume API for UC Recording. UC Recording efficiently manages the collection and cataloging of recordings requested through the SIPREC protocol. However, ensuring compliance often requires the ability to temporarily pause and resume recordings to exclude sensitive information such as credit card numbers. With this enhancement, UC Recording can process API requests containing an authenticated token, a pause/resume command, and the agent’s extension number.

EHR/EMR Integrations

In response to feedback from many of our customers in the healthcare industry, Xima now offers integration with over 60 of the most popular Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. This integration allows healthcare providers to utilize our advanced analytics to report on interactions with patients across multiple communication channels.

The patient data, which ties a name and other information to a phone number or email address, is securely stored in the EHR or EMR. This integration enables Xima to securely associate patient interactions with their correct name for better reporting and real-time data for agents. It includes improved in-client information, screen popping functionality, and a patient phone book for agents to easily find and reach patients using the Xima-provided phone.

In conclusion, Xima’s Q1 2024 product release has brought significant enhancements to redefine customer service. With seamless integration with CRM platforms, outbound DID selection for voice, and advanced capabilities for UC recording and EHR/EMR integration, Xima continues to innovate to help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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