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Integration of WebRTC with Asterisk


Registering an Asterisk Extension:

One of the unique things about Asterisk is the ability to register a single SIP extension and allow for unlimited calls.

On the Extension under the “Advanced Options”, you can increase or decrease the incoming and outgoing limit of that extension.

Here is a WebRTC CCaaS Example:

Tagging Calls for Routing:

“Tags” can be applied for inbound call routing.

Example: In the Ring Group for example, under the “advanced options”, there is a field called “Replace Caller ID”. If you wish to retain the caller and add %CALLERID% to the entry.

For example: If you wanted “Donuts to be tagged while retaining the caller number after, you could do it like so.

NOTE: Replace Caller ID also exists under the Queues and the DID themselves so there is flexibility where it gets tagged.

Here is a CCaaS Example for Registration:

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