Integration of WebRTC with 3CX

Registering a SIP Extension:

Though it’s true that 3CX can have unlimited calls/line appearances per extension, we did run into some limitations on how to make this viable for our Contact Center.

What does NOT work:

  • Routing through a RingGroup containing our load balancer. 
  • Routing through a Queue containing our load balancer

What does work:

  • Routing through a single extension with a twist –
  • To recap: Think of our load balancer technique. (RingCentral deployments)
  • The top extension (the bold one) is considered our Load Balancer

Any other extension in line are the extensions that will “hold” the calls after hitting the load balancer.

However, be sure that they are set to “Accept Multiple Calls”

Under the User – Forwarding Rules:

The Twist:

With this deployment, we are going to create a “load balancer”, but only for the purposes of invoking the code. NO calls should be pointed to the load balancer with this method, think of it as just a placeholder.

In this case, you will need to route calls (whether via a DID, or a Digital receptionist) over to the extension directly.

Here is a digital receptionist example:

Note that digit press 1 goes to 301 and digit press 2 goes to 302. This 301 or 302 extension is then passed over to a corresponding skill.


For more technical SIP traces, this is what we see in the logs:

In essence, we are using the “To” header. ANY call that goes to extension 302 will go to that skill. This gives us a viable solution to route calls to 3CX based upon the extension it comes in on.

The same thing applies when pointing the Inbound Rules (DID”s) directly to an extension.

Example: Inbound Rules – Select the phone number – Then, point the route to the extension of your choice.

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