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Your company’s contact center solution is as affordable as ever.

Xima is 50-70% lower priced than our competitors.

Get switched over to Xima in as little as 3 weeks.

Chronicall Offers:

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Improve Your Customer’s Experience

Simplify call management and increase efficiency with Chronicall software solutions. It integrates directly with your phone system, allowing you to record calls and have access to real-time wallboards.

With Chronicall, it’s an easy implementation (Windows or Linux), and little-to-no maintenance is required. Chronicall’s call reporting licensing is easy to customize for your business needs and goals.

Chronicall is compatible with the following PBX systems:

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Any Industry Can Benefit

Who is Chronicall for?

Do you make or receive phone calls at your business? If you answered yes, then Chronicall is for you. A myriad of industries are benefiting from Chronicall, from healthcare to finance to retail. Any business with a customer service or support group can leverage Chronicall to address pain points such as abandoned calls, call wait times, and customer dissatisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

“We had looked at numerous reporting packages, and some had features that we wanted, while others did not. But when it came down to Chronicall, it was the perfect solution. It had the features that we wanted at the price we were looking for.”

– RMA of Texas

Reporting with Chronicall

Cradle-to-Grave reporting allows businesses to analyze every step of the call process and customer journey, providing the data necessary to improve both the employee performance and the customer experience. Chronicall allows for both standard and custom reports that can be run automatically, with options for saving and sharing the reports.

Realtime Displays

Managers can keep track of employees with real-time displays, such as group and queue timelines, wallboards, and real-time alerts. Be up to speed with queued calls, live call stats, and live real-time alerts or triggers that pop up on agent dashboards.