Great Reporting,
Now for Teams

Measure trends, make informed decisions, and optimize employee performance.

This integration provides a unified communication platform that combines Xima’s contact center expertise with MS Teams’ collaboration and messaging capabilities. This robust solution helps businesses streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Learn

Utilizing the MS Teams softphone to answer Contact Center calls eliminates the need for businesses to learn an entirely new platform. This translates to significant improvements in productivity and efficiency, particularly during peak calling periods.

With MS Teams’ collaboration and messaging capabilities, teams and departments can seamlessly work together, fostering a streamlined workflow.

Improved Employee Performance

Xima’s integration with MS Teams gives businesses a comprehensive view of their employees’ performance.

With real-time monitoring and coaching tools, businesses can identify areas where employees need more support and offer personalized coaching to improve.

Strategic Insights and
Actionable Data

Xima Software equips users to measure key metrics, including call volumes, average handling time, and customer satisfaction scores. Armed with this comprehensive data, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize their customer service delivery, ensuring enhanced performance and client satisfaction.

Expertise and Support

Our CCaaS integration with Microsoft Teams presents a robust solution that unlocks the full potential of your customer service operations.

Benefit from advanced reporting capabilities, real-time monitoring, and powerful coaching tools that elevate employee activity and performance.

With streamlined collaboration across teams, you can seamlessly leverage Xima’s customer service expertise, ensuring unparalleled support throughout your journey.

Historical and Real-Time Data

Keep employees engaged and connected to the company’s performance and business objectives by offering transparent reporting and analytics both historical and real-time.

Better Customer Service

Deliver better customer service experiences by easily adding call center functionality to MS Teams.

Behind the Scenes

Xima’s MS Teams connector can programmatically connect the Microsoft Teams application to an extension and register the MS Teams phone as your primary device. This device can answer standard calls for the back office or answer calls by way of Xima’s Contact Center.

This provides the benefit of fewer applications/devices that you have to use for your daily processes. It also makes it simple and allows you to use your already familiar phone.

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