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Customer Service Makes the Difference

A Customer Success Story

Privia Medical Group is a physician-lead, multi-special medical group that places the patient-provider relationship at the heart of healthcare. To nurture this vital relationship, Privia delivers tools, talent, and technology built to help doctors and their teams keep patients healthy. Privia decided to enhance their technology by using Xima Software solutions.

Patient Priority Comes First

We proposed a custom solution to provide Privia the tools they need to nurture the patient-provider relationship.

Xima Software is dedicated to enabling organizations to better manage their customer and patient relationships through innovative contact center solutions. We create applications that integrate with business phone systems and provide historical reporting and call recording, as well as real-time wallboards, skills-based routing, and omni channel options.

Provided multiple channels for patients to communicate with care liaisons and reduced friction online.

Improved the ability to manage appointments and scheduling by customizing Privia’s system to fit their routing needs.

Extended the ability to report on staff members and queues in real time.

Added the power to remotely manage agents by controlling calls based on skill groups.

Introduced Realtime Wallboards to establish KPIs and send real-time alerts on thresholds through email, SMS, and pop screen messages.

We believe in bringing the joy back to medicine. As a physician-led organization, we understand the vital role providers play in improving patient health outcomes while curbing healthcare spending and waste. 

Central to this mission is our resolve in delivering excellent customer service. Privia needs to leverage the best technology available in the marketplace to provide the customer experience our clients expect. By implementing Xima CCaaS and leveraging the intelligent call routing with historical and real-time analytics, Privia is equipped to deliver on our promise to our customers.

– Michelle Spence

Chief Operating Officer / Privia Medical Group

Better Data Better Results

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