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Accelerating Response Times and Delivering Better Patient Experiences

How Fairfax Pediatric Associates modernized their patient communication platform

Fairfax Pediatric Associates (FPA) provides the highest quality, state-of-the-art, comprehensive health care to infants, children, and adolescents in Northern Virginia. FPA have been the doctors of choice by parents in Northern Virginia for over 50 years and have been recognized numerous times for being the best pediatricians in the region.

Over the past couple of years, patients have been juggling multiple priorities and were looking for convenient ways to manage their healthcare. This along with the COVID pandemic created a spike in phone calls and a challenge to modernize a dated system. FPA partnered with Xima to improve the patient experience by reducing dropped calls and wait times, and optimizing staffing decisions. Patients can use multiple communication channels to get in touch and get the answers they need.

The Opportunity to Provide Better Care for More Patients

Fairfax Pediatric Associates prides itself on offering the best care for their patients in Northern Virginia. For over 50 years FPA has built a strong reputation for patient experience but they were faced with an outdated phone system and needed to move quickly to a modern communication platform.

This was an opportunity to deliver exceptional care and address some of the biggest challenges they were facing. Dropped calls, long wait times, and little to no reporting meant they needed a contact center platform that could handle the high call volumes, with premium features at the right price.

“Prior to upgrading, we were having issues with patients being perpetually stuck in the queue. So they would never get picked up. They would just kind of bounce from phone to phone and then a new person would call and they would still be bouncing around”

– Sean Murphy

IT Manager, Fairfax Pediatric Associates

Why Fairfax Pediatric Associates Chose Xima

Fairfax Pediatric Associates needed a solution that had all of the premium features to improve the patient experience. The biggest challenges they were looking to solve were long wait times, dropped calls, reporting, real-time feedback for their employees, and room for growth. For these reasons, FPA decided to partner with Xima to power its patient communication strategy. Xima specializes in delivering premium contact center solutions to the small and medium-sized market and this was a great fit for the challenges FPA was facing.

FPA was easily able to integrate Xima into its existing communications platform in just a matter of hours. By layering Xima on to their existing phone service, FPA is able to streamline all patient communications and take employee productivity to the next level. Wait times have significantly reduced and features like queue callback help patients feel confident when contacting FPA.

“With Xima it’s nice because we can see the number of answered calls per user, we can see how even it is between all the users. And then we can see which phones are currently in use and which are ready.”

– Sean Murphy

IT Manager, Fairfax Pediatric Associates

The Results

The patient experience has improved significantly for Fairfax Pediatric Associates. Patients aren’t experiencing the stress of long wait times, dropped calls, or repeating themselves multiple times.

The supervisor experience has also significantly improved. Better reporting means supervisors have more insights into how to improve productivity and help employees during peak calling times. Supervisors can also see every step of a call, from the time a patient calls to who it was transferred to or what extension it was sent to.

Finally, for employees, Xima gives them an opportunity to get a clear and transparent view of contact center performance. By leveraging real-time analytics and wallboards employees can get an instant view of how many calls they’ve taken, metrics, alerts, and resource activities.

For FPA this means their employees can focus on providing the best care for their patients by delivering the highest quality health care to infants, children, and adolescents in Northern Virginia.

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