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Supervisor Monitoring

Listen to customer interactions and provide realtime coaching to your agents.

Enhance Coaching Tools

With features like listen, whisper, and join call, supervisors have the ability to coach agents live and provide quality assurance

Maximize Customer Experience

Advanced monitoring tools allow supervisors to observe their agents,, provide realtime feedback, and improve the customer experience.

What is Call Monitoring?

Supervisor monitoring is a crucial tool for improving the performance and efficiency of contact centers. By monitoring calls, chat sessions, and other customer interactions, supervisors can identify areas where agents need additional training or support, as well as opportunities for process improvements.


Talk to Trained Teams

Customers can be assured their getting the best experience from a trained team member when you use monitoring software.


Agents Get a Boost

Agents can be more confident in what they talk about and know they have support from management if help is needed.


Coach Effectively

Provide timely feedback to your agents and enable your agents to tackle similar situations in the future.

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