Maximize Call Recording for Avaya Aura

Watch the full webinar where we launch Xima’s affordable cloud recording solution for Avaya Aura.

Topics We'll Cover

Call Recording

Streamline accessing and storing calls in the contact center. Easily access and analyze recorded calls to improve customer satisfaction, resolve disputes, and ensure compliance.

Speech Analytics

Analyze all voice interactions with fast and accurate automated speech recognition, providing valuable insights into agent behavior and customer feedback. Combine speech analytics with call recording to maximize your investment.

Workforce Optimization

Analyze customer interactions and employee performance to identify areas for improvement. Provide coaching and training to employees, and implement strategies that enhance customer service. Another powerful combination with call recording.


Nate Thatcher

Nate Thatcher

Nate Thatcher started Xima Software with his two partners in 2007. After hunkering down in a basement programming with no paycheck for two years, Xima’s original flagship product, Chronicall, was released. Since then, Nate has grown the company to the success it is today. Nate graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Computer Science. He spends his leisure time skiing and snowboarding in the winter and travelling with his wife and 3 children.

Jon Florence

VP Of Industry Solutions. Jon has been with Xima Software for the past 12 years and has spent his 20-year career in the telecom space. Prior to XIma Software, he served as a Sales Engineer designing different telecom and contact center solutions for various platforms. He received his Undergraduate Degree from the University of Utah in 2008 and then went on and received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2014.

Cody Winget

Cody Winget

Cody Winget is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Xima. Cody has been in the industry for over 25 years. He has real-world experience in designing, customizing, deploying, and supporting voice and data networks and contact centers. Cody enjoys new and exciting technologies that improve employee performance, make management’s life easier, and deliver an excellent customer experience. Cody holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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