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Xima CCaaS Pro Services

Scope of Work

When purchasing Professional Services for a Xima CCaaS install (XPS-CCAAS-INS20), the following Scope of Work (SOW) will apply.

Xima Pro Services included in this scope have a service window of up to 60 days. All services expire at the end of this window or when the scope of work is completed, whichever comes first. This service window begins when the invoice is processed. Any severity 1 or 2 development issues (as defined by the Terms of Service ) may warrant an extension until resolved.

​Xima Responsibilities

A Xima project manager will be assigned to:

  • Provide an internal kick-off call between Xima and partner to outline the deployment
  • Provide a customer-facing kick-off call to outline the deployment
  • Provide a workbook for data collection necessary to the installation
  • Coordinate timelines, schedules, and communication among each party
  • Provide one (1) each training session for Supervisor Training, Agent Training, and a Contact Center Administration Training
  • Schedule one GoLive support bridge for the launch of Contact Center
  • Provide a HelpDesk phone number for expedited support for the five business days following the launch

A Xima tech will be provided (remotely) to perform the following tasks of the deployment:

  • Installation of Xima CCaaS service
  • Verify API connection
  • Assign agent licensing based on data provided in the workbook
  • Verify contact center call logging
  • Provide default login credentials and access address
  • Review UC platform configuration for connection issues
  • Configure skill groups in Xima CCaaS as defined
  • External testing of voice skill routing
  • Configure Web Chat as defined (if purchased)
  • Provide Web Chat HTML snippet to be utilized by the customer’s web developer (if purchased)
  • Provide one administrative training session for all parties responsible for managing the Contact Center features moving forward
    • This training is focused on managing the skill group routing, skill group settings, and agent assignment.
    • Additional training for other modules can be obtained with additional professional services or with a support contract as outlined at the end of this scope of work.
  • Conduct the GoLive support bridge for the launch

Responsibility of the Partner/Customer

These items can be completed by the partner or the end-user but will not be completed by Xima Software.           

  • Complete the provided workbook in a timely manner. Once the workbook is returned to the Xima project manager, no core changes can be accommodated without a potential need for additional professional service costs.
    • When assigning agents to licensed seats, ensure the name entered in the workbook matches the name in the UC platform
  • Acquire and assign applicable extensions in the UC platform
  • Configuration of Incoming Call Routes and DIDs
    • At least one dedicated test DID will be essential for proper testing
  • Provide a UC platform tech as needed
  • Embed provided Web Chat HTML snippet provided to necessary WebPages prior to testing or GoLive for Web Chat (if purchased)

Post Installation / Testing Phase

  • Follow the testing guide included in the workbook
    • Testing each route and reporting issues or satisfaction
    • Testing skilled calls and features work to satisfaction at the agent level
    • Test user and agent experience for Web Chat
  • Report issues or needed changes in a timely manner to the Xima project manager
  • Schedule Administrative Training with Xima project manager
  • Distribute provided and applicable agent training videos to agents
  • Coordinate with the Xima project manager to schedule GoLive launch at the conclusion of testing

At the conclusion of the GoLive launch, the customer will be transitioned to Xima Support for future issues or general support needs.

Additional personalized training is available with the purchase of professional services with the correct part number (e.g., XPS-TRAIN01). If training was not purchased with additional professional services, it is the customer’s responsibility to attend the modular group sessions through our help center training program.

The deployment project for (XPS-CCAAS-INS20) will be considered completed once the Xima CCaaS service is successful in logging call data for the agent list requested and licensed from the workbook. Unless other modular-based professional services were purchased and have not been completed any future support needed will be handled by the Xima Support team using our help desk ticket system and/or calling for the duration of the Xima CCaaS subscription. 

For the full Xima CCaaS Terms of Service, click here.