Agent Dashboard Customization ProServices

Scope of Work

When purchasing professional services for customization (XPS-CUSTOM01) and the specified service requested is agent dashboard customization, the following scope of work applies.
Please note that the design and data provided are subject to the limitations of the software as it functions currently. The purchase of customization does not include development resources beyond the software's current capabilities

Project Overview

As the purchased software includes Professional Services for Agent Dashboard Customization, Xima has committed to provide deployment services outlined in this scope of work. The limit of Agent Dashboard features (busy codes, account codes, dashboard values, etc)  to be built will be outlined in the invoice purchased. We will not be providing additional quantities of each without additional professional service costs. Unless purchased separately, personalized training for the agent dashboard features (i.e., XPS-TRAIN01) is not included in this project. However, any customer within our support contract may attend group training sessions detailed below at no additional cost.

​Xima Deliverables

  1. Workbook for data collection.
  2. Review of submitted workbook request for conflicts.
  3. Configuration of requested values and codes.​

Responsibility of the Partner/Customer

  1. Introduce best customer contact for the custom Agent Dashboard project OR manage communications.
  2. Setting proper expectations with the customer of what amount of work was purchased.

Responsibilities of the End User

  1. Completion of the provided workbook.
  2. Once the customer has submitted the workbook as completed, no changes can be made.
  3. Any necessary changes after submission may result in an increase of professional services.
  4. Provide remote access to server.
  5. Schedule and attend modular group training available online with an active support contract.

Post Deployment SOW - Xima Care Support and Training

For the full Xima Support Agreement, click here.

Xima will provide support of the Chronicall software to End User during the period of the Xima Care agreement. Support shall include (i) a diagnosis of problems of the Software, (ii) a good faith effort toward resolving software defects to satisfactory working order, and (iii) software updates. Xima will provide unlimited email and telephone support of our software directly to the End User during the hours of coverage agreed upon with the Xima Care purchase.

Chronicall training is available to customers who have a valid and active Xima Care license on their serial. Customers may sign up for live webinar trainings at Training classes are held regularly and focus on specific modules of the software. Professional Services – Customers or resellers who want Xima to hold private or on-site or other specialized trainings may request a quote for professional services by contacting Xima sales.