Xima Positioning

Best Top Line Messaging

Deliver a seamless customer contact experience while maximizing operational efficiency. Xima’s cloud-based contact center solutions are tailored and easy-to-use to help get the most out of your customer touchpoints.

Overal Positioning

Xima excels in providing cost-effective licensing and streamlined deployment solutions uniquely tailored to small to medium-sized contact centers with 5 to 300 agents. We prioritize affordability and efficiency, ensuring these businesses can access top-tier technology without the complexities and costs associated with larger-scale operations.

Strongest Messaging Themes

Survey respondents were asked to rate each messaging theme based on how likely they would procure a solution given the messaging on a scale of:

1 (Very Unlikely) to 5 (Very Likely).

5 Key Messages to Help Position Xima

Quantitative Customer Research: We surveyed customers across 2 panels from more than 10 different industries.

  • Channels for Every Customer

    Most customers want to communicate via the channel that’s most convenient for them. While many still use the phone to engage with customer service, others prefer webchat and email, while some use text or even social media channels to engage with agents.

Proof Points

After working with thousands of companies in a variety of industries, Xima’s found that certain industries and geographic locations prefer different channels.

  • Communication with customers via phone, webchat, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Apple and Google Business Messenger, and other social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Twitter, and many more).


  • Companies can leverage skills-based routing regardless of the communication channel to ensure message arrive to the most-qualified agent. – Xima connects to 300+ CRMs with features like activity logging, address book searches, and screen popping.
  • Best-in-Class Reporting and Analytics

    Uncover invaluable insights that help your support team operate more efficiently and effectively. Customizable analytics, reports, and dashboards give your support managers actionable ways to maximize your support efforts.

Proof Points

Xima has found meaningful differentiation of its reporting and analytics tools when stacked up to competitors across price points.

  • “Generating Meaningful Insights” from analytics was frequently cited as a challenge. When Xima was brought in on these opportunities, we excelled.The Xima solution includes custom reports, reporting on all channels and Cradle to Grave on ALL Channels.

  • Most competitors do not offer the advanced reporting for under a $50 price point. Xima’s Tier 1 package sets us apart by meeting these needs.

  • Xima’s Reporting capabilities was cited as a large differentiator when speaking with VARs who had experience selling Xima.
  • Easy-to-Use and Quick to Learn

    Xima’s intuitive interface makes training easier and keeps users satisfied. User-friendly designs ensure that users can find the tools and information they need quickly, improving call handling times and customer satisfaction.

Proof Point

Xima’s interfaces for cradle-to-grave, supervisor view, and wallboards show the focus on easy-to-use interfaces, reducing the need for technical knowledge.

  • On-Time Setup, Tailored to your needs.

    Xima Installs stay on time and on-budget. That is because the Xima Customer Success Program is tailored to each customer for optimal success.

Proof Points

With a cloud-based deployment, Xima can be setup quickly and easily, although designing individual call flows and other tailoring processes may take additional time. Despite this, the value proposition remains strong to allow CCaaS users to get the software setup and operational quickly.

  • When switching CCaaS vendors, many companies are concerned about any interruptions in service while switching from one software to another. By having a fast setup process, that time will be minimized allowing for a quick and smooth transition to Xima.


  • Other competitors frequently advertise setup timelines that do not include the actual estimates beyond installing the software. With honest messaging that still focuses on speed, Xima is able to competitively position itself against competitors claiming to set up in seconds.
  • Expert, reliable partners to your customer support team.

    With a reliable reputation and vast domain experience, Xima has the reputation and experience your support team needs in a partner. Our experts are on-call to guide you along the way.

Proof Points

CCaaS purchasers thoroughly vet multiple software vendors before making their final decision. While they are focused on benefits and features, these purchasers also place heavy emphasis on finding a software vendor who has dealt with use cases similar to theirs and who has a reliable track record.

  • Research participants indicated a general hesitation to work with a vendor that was not public or notably well funded, with some even mentioning they would check a company Crunchbase before proceeding further with vendors. Xima must mitigate these concerns for direct sales. Xima has strong experience serving millions of users and thousands of companies, which provides ample proof points that Xima will be able to deliver the requisite service.


  • Purchasers frequently peruse company websites to find use cases similar to their own, as a way of validating a vendor’s ability to help. By prioritizing experience across industries and customers, Xima can win additional sales.

Messaging Advanced Applications

Mix and Match License Types

With Xima Cloud you can mix and match license types by agent and department so you only pay for the licenses and features that you need.

Workforce Management

Forecasting, scheduling and scheduling adherence has never been easier.

Speech Analytics and Quality Management

From AI to scoring of Calls Xima Workforce Optimization has your supervisors covered so they can run the business and let the system help improve your agents and customer experience.

CRM Integrations

From AI to scoring of Calls Xima Workforce Optimization has your supervisors covered so they can run the business and let the system help improve your agents and customer experience.

Get A Xima Pro on Your Demo

Demoing with Xima is easy. Reach out and one of our product experts will be available to help you show the customer all the insights Xima provides in a live demo environment.