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Co-Branding Materials

We have designated certain flyers to be co-branded. 


To co-brand materials with your logo and contact information, follow the guide below.

What do you need?

  • Adobe Acrobat (Free version is okay.)
  • The attached PDF version of the flyer

What do you do?

  • Download PDF
  • Open it in Adobe Acrobat
  • You will see an empty location next to the Xima logo, hover over it with your mouse till you see the cursor turn to a selector. Then double click.
  • It will prompt you to input an image. Ensure you’re using a (.PNG) version with a transparent background. Any (.JPG) will not be within brand standards.
  • Next, you will want to look for any highlighted areas and fill in the appropriate information.
  • Generally, there will be an icon next to the input field indicating what type of information is needed (phone, email, etc.) If there is no icon, list whatever information you feel appropriate.
  • Save the PDF as a new document.

*Note Do not alter fonts. Font size may be adjusted +/- 2px.

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