UC Realtime Agent License

Available for Avaya Cloud Office, RingCentral, Mitel, powered by Ring Central and NetSapiens

UC Realtime

UC Realtime is currently only available for Avaya CloudUC Realtime provides historical and real time reporting on licensed users from your UCaaS system. This provides managers the ability to monitor their team, users, and departments effectively and efficiently. One of the most popular features is the Realtime Wallboards. You can select from pre-built wallboards or build your own custom wallboards to track your business key performance indicators, service levels, as well as user and agent metrics. You can view all call types including inbound, outbound, and internal calls. Track users talking duration, hold duration, transferred calls, and other related content.

You can build as many wallboards as you need and can put your wallboards into a full-screen wallboard loop, which rotates between the wallboard you select on a specified time period. This allows you to display your key information to the office on a flat-screen TV throughout the office. Supervisors can access the wallboards from a PC, and you can set up alerts to be notified if there is ever a problem.
Office and RingCentral. NetSapiens and IP Office will be coming soon.

UC Realtime is currently only available for Avaya Cloud Office and RingCentral. NetSapiens and IP Office will be coming soon.

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Historical Reporting and Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave provides an intuitive interface that allows you to view the call information that Xima gathers. This includes call activity for both your CCaaS Voice Agents as well as your UC Realtime users. Cradle to Grave stores and displays every event that takes place during a phone call, which means you can select any call and view things such as what users answered or missed the call, hold time, or if the call was parked or transferred. You can also see what other users or agents were involved with the call. You can see the count and duration of each licensed CCaaS Agent or UC Realtime users’ calls not only in Cradle to Grave, but also within the historical reports.

The Cradle to Grave interface layout can be customized to fit your company’s needs. You can filter your call search data to only show the specific calls you are looking for. You can sort, search, and rearrange your tabular data to further fit your desired layout.

Historical Reporting works in tandem with Cradle to Grave and allows you to report on your UC Realtime users and CCaaS Agents’ call activity, which includes agents’ direct inbound calls, outbound calls, and internal calls, You can schedule the reports to run systemically hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. The report formats include PDF, JSON, XLS/CSV, ODT, and HTML. The reports can be run on demand and downloaded too.

The reports can also be customized. You can edit a standard report, create a copy, and create a report from scratch. The web interface walks you through the report creation, and you can easily select from the many predefined values and customize the values to fit your company’s definition.

Call Recording

Xima CCaaS links the recordings done by ACO and RingCentral and makes them accessible through our Cradle to Grave interface. Because of this Cradle to Grave access, you can search for your UC users and agents’ calls as well as filter the calls down by number, time of day, event or call duration, and more.

Within Cradle to Grave, you can filter between your Contact Center agents and UC Realtime users. You can also set user-based access control on your manager and supervisor accounts so they only have access to their teams’ call data and recordings. Within Cradle to Grave they can listen, download, email, and create a snippet of the recordings

Additional feature sets available within Xima CCaaS includes our wave view interface and adding notes to a recording for easy retrieval.

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