Salesforce Integration & APIs

Integrate seamlessly with Contact Center Agent Client

Salesforce Integration

Xima CCaaS allows you to integrate with Contact Center Agent Client, which is an interface that provides effective collaboration between managers and agents as well as agents and customers.

​An exciting feature of Contact Center Agent Client is that it has a native plugin to Salesforce Lightning, which allows for these services to work harmoniously with each other. This integration provides enhanced features like Click-to-Dial, and Screen Pop.

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Xima CCaaS provides different historical and real time APIs you can easily communicate with all of our latest features such as screen pop to other CRM applications, Web Chat, Click-to-Dial, and more.  Below you can see some use cases per each of our different APIs

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  • Periodically export historical call data into another application (CRM)
  • Pull time card data from Xima CCaaS into a staffing, billing, or payroll system
  • Pull call records into a billing system (example: hospitality)
  • Show Realtime metrics on a 3rd party dashboard with a periodic refresh or use our WebSocket connection.
  • Monitor Realtime metrics with a periodic refresh or in realtime within a 3rd party web service.
  • Periodically refresh and show metrics like “Current Wait Time” and “Calls in Queue” on a customer’s web site. Show live metrics using the Websocket connection.
  • Pop a 3rd party web page from the Contact Center Agent Client or the Java Desktop Client
  • Create your own Web Chat invitation
  • Pass custom parameters (like Shopping Cart ID) from a customer’s website interaction to the agent handling their chat.
  • Set the target routing skill based on customer context
  • Notify another system (like a CRM) to create a record each time a phone call finishes
  • Create your own WebChat client that connects to the Xima CCaaS Contact Center.

See for yourself.

Whether you’re a reseller, an end user, or just a little curious, Xima CCaaS has something to fulfill your business needs.