Instructor-Led Remote Training ProServices

Scope of Work

When purchasing professional services for Instructor-Led Remote Training (XPS-TRAIN01), the following scope of work applies. Each Instructor-Led Remote Training purchased qualifies for up to one hour training in one session.

​Xima Responsibilities

A Xima project manager will be assigned to the project to:

  1. Establish appropriate contacts.
  2. Synchronize with any other Professional Service project appropriately.
  3. Verify the desired subject for training.

A Xima trainer will be provided (remotely) to perform the following tasks for the purchased training session:

  1. Confirm scheduling.
  2. Provide training webinar bridge.
  3. Conduct training session(s)

Responsibility of the Partner/Customer

 1. Set expectations of the training
              – How many hours were purchased
              – Designed to teach and not to customize
    2. Provide clear feedback of needed or desired training requests
    3. Be prompt and courteous of scheduled training time
    4. Record the training session for your records

Please note, once the training is completed, any troubleshooting or inquiries should be directed through our support channel and not to the training team. The customer may also refer to the Guide Site for additional assistance.

The deployment project for Training will be considered completed at the conclusion of the scheduled training. Unless other modular-based professional services were purchased and have not been completed, the project manager will provide a Delivery and Acceptance letter, and any future support needed will continue to be handled by the Xima Support team using our help desk ticket system and/or calling for the duration of the Xima Care support subscription.
For the full Xima Support Agreement, click here.