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​Chronicall 4.2

Reporting Made Even Easier.

HTML User Interface

Have you seen our HTML interface? This new design provides a much more user-friendly experience because it makes online navigation intuitive, so using Reports, Cradle to Grave, and Realtime will be like second nature. Among many other things, our new interface has updated filters and tags to help you find the reports you need, and also has a new visual approach to creating Realtime Wallboards. We’ve eliminated the hassle so that you can get quicker results.

Contact Center

Our latest Contact Center interface provides a new experience for your agents. There are four major components when looking at Contact Center: Skills Based Routing, Active State Control, Queue Callback, and Web Chat. Each of these features are designed to make management simpler as well as provide a better experience for your customers. In addition, Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC) is our updated interface for agents using our Skills Based Routing, which provides a single pane of glass for agents to navigate their different media channels.

Language Support

We want to make sure our software is internationally available, which is why we have incorporated several selectable languages within our user interface that you can choose from. You can select which language rules you would like your language pack to follow, which communicates what audio segments need to be recorded for the language you’ve selected. All potential recording scripts will be displayed in the language you’ve selected. In addition, you can also choose to add custom audio. This will allow you to create custom audio messages that may not be listed in the default options provided.

Extension Override

This new feature allows customers to override the event type for all events we receive from a specific extension. You can take an improper event being displayed and replace it with whatever value you wish it to display. Some PBX 3rd party solutions use extension-specific auto attendants, and this allows us to replace those events with better data for Cradle to Grave.

Privacy Blacklist

When using Chronicall, you may need to exclude certain users within the PBX or have specific caller IDs blocked when those callers dial into your PBX. If that is the case, you can unlicense that specific user so their information is unavailable within Cradle to Grave. It will still log the call but not show who was the recipient. However, this doesn’t resolve the issue with external callers dialing into your PBX. To address that, using our Privacy Blacklist feature is the best way to go.

Salesforce Integration

Chronicall allows you to integrate with Contact Center Agent Client, which is an interface that provides effective collaboration between managers and agents as well as agents and customers.

An exciting feature of Contact Center Agent Client is that it has a native plugin to Salesforce Lightning, which allows for these services to work harmoniously with each other. This integration provides enhanced features like Click-to-Dial and Screen Pop.

Powered by BlueDB

Chronicall 4.0 utilizes a new database, BlueDB. It reads data at an extremely fast rate, ​while using a low memory footprint. 

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