March 23, 2023 | 11:00am EST

Diversify Your Business:

Product Announcement Webinar

Premium Features for Half the Price. Check out the New Xima.

Xima’s new products and services supercharge the customer experience to deliver white glove service at every step of the journey.

Partner with Xima and find out more at our product release webinar!

Join Nate Thatcher, Chief Executive Officer at Xima Software and Jon Florence, VP of Industry Solutions as they unveil the next generation of Xima Software. Check out how Xima is helping organizations drive even more value for their customers.

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Topics We'll Cover


Quickly understand, route, and action customer questions and inquiries.


System agnostic, Use of multiple applications to work in the contact center.

Advanced Applications

Monitor interactions throughout the customer journey to improve satisfaction, advocacy, and efficiency.


Improve your agents’ performance and productivity. Cutting-edge technology allows you to maximize your results and lock in your competitive edge.


Nate Thatcher

Nate Thatcher

Nate Thatcher started Xima Software with his two partners in 2007. After hunkering down in a basement programming with no paycheck for two years, Xima’s original flagship product, Chronicall, was released. Since then, Nate has grown the company to the success it is today. Nate graduated from Utah State University with a BS in Computer Science. He spends his leisure time skiing and snowboarding in the winter and travelling with his wife and 3 children.

Jon Florence

VP Of Industry Solutions. Jon has been with Xima Software for the past 12 years and has spent his 20-year career in the telecom space. Prior to XIma Software, he served as a Sales Engineer designing different telecom and contact center solutions for various platforms. He received his Undergraduate Degree from the University of Utah in 2008 and then went on and received his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in 2014.

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